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Multiforma, leader and pioneer in Spain for the production of fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP) swimming pools, has one of the largest production facilities of one-piece swimming pools in Europe, being the only automated plant on the national market.

You will enjoy the smoothness of its polished finish as well as greater safety due to the lack of sharp edges and corners meaning a greater utilisation of space for bathing. Thanks to high financial savings in chemical products, reduced operating costs and ease of cleaning, you will have a swimming pool which is more sustainable and respectful to the environment Made for your enjoyment.

We form part of a group of companies called APMGroup which offers a wide range of products and water leisure related services: swimming pools, waterslides, water parks, theme parks and hydrothermal centres.

At APMGroup, we have a highly specialised, dynamic and multidisciplinary team of professionals. In Multiforma we have the most extensive network of professional installers in the swimming pool industry both in Spain and in over 20 countries worldwide.


Why choose a multiforma swimming pool?

Durability. The use of fibreglass reinforced polyester (FRP) allows us to guarantee that your pool will be 100% watertight with an adequate balance of structural resistance (durability) and degree of elasticity (greater resistance against freezing, underground movement and ground pressure).

Reliability. The manufacturing process of the pool in a controlled environment (automated factory) is made complete with a professional carrying out the installation in accordance with the UNE 53.956 standard, offering greater reliability in the installation process.

Credibility. More than 40 years experience and more than 40,000 swimming pools installed in more than 20 countries worldwide.

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